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Running the Trade Route:

Running a T.R. is not complicated, but does require patience and practice. I have a few tips for those of you who are interested in this method of money making, for leading, and for following along the trade paths of Medievia.

1. Once your group is formed and ready to go, make sure you have reformed them to the best combat advantage.

2. Advise your group to set 'brief on' and to set 'auto off' to minimize spam for those who don't have to see it.

3. Be careful of players who like to A.F.K. during T.R.'s. Those players may die, or cause slow up your trade.

4. At the first sign of M.F.'s (mob factions), determine what brand of mob you have. I.E., type, where troll, where rogue, where bandit, where kobold, where hound/demonlord

5. Once you have determined the type of m.f. you have then you may take the appropriate measures to counteract possible attacks.

A. Look for troll captains and kill them to end the threat of Trolls. Leave freight in a shield room until this is accomplished.

B. Look for and kill kobolds on the side of the road and on the road. Killing kobold's on the side of the rode minimizes the number who can join in the ambush when you find the one waiting on the road. Leave freight behind while undertaking this operation.

C. Hounds are created by the Demon lord, one tough cookie. Hounds can break through a shielded room. Destroy the Demon lord and the hounds go away.

D. If you have no alternatives. Camp, quit for 15 minutes.

E. For information on rogues and bandits, see an experienced member of your clan.

6. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you download a map of Medievia with zones and clantowns on it. This map will have the roads of Medievia on it, and will make it unnecessary to use the guides sitting at intersections. It is generally believed that these guides trigger Mob Factions. Using a map and learning the roads by heart is better method. It won't completely protect you from mobs but it helps significantly.

7. Designate more than one mana player to c 'mass refresh' along the route. You don't want your healers and mages to become to low in mana while trying to keep the caravan moving. Have them take turns. While speed is important at times for a good profit, dying slows things down more than ticking.